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Vehicle taxation

We manage vehicle tax through personalized attention, optimal information management and providing technological infrastructure, needed to offer an integral solution to the taxpayer.



Vehicle tax settlement through various service channels (App and website)


Provision of means of payment for the Integral Management of the collection


Logistic management of the audit process


Persuasive management and operative support to the tasks of coercive collection


Update and maintenance of database


Management tool for reports and indicators that facilitates the handling of processes and data that facilitates the assurance and control of the operation.


Document management system.


We manage vehicle tax components, looking to achieve customer satisfaction, through:

  • Provision and operation of specialized software and hardware, that allows access to real time consolidated data.

  • Qualified personnel support to offer an agile, timely and safe service, committed to constant improvement.

  • Process and procedure optimization, to generate tax settlements and payment certifications with the expected quality.

  • Database management and processing in order to update and consolidate all available tributary data, and manage information related to audit and persuasive collection processes of outdated taxpayers.

  • Greater service coverage by providing multiple channels to pay and consult.

  • Real time database and report access which allows robust control and follow-up of the operation.




Success Story



Generate modern strategies for public administration through the “Gobierno en Línea” (“online government”) policy that allows the optimization of data management and the extensive usage of ICT in all processes and, therefore, facilitating the interaction between Government and citizens for all vehicle taxation subjects.

The solution includes: contact center, database and file management, support in audit process, hardware, locative renovation, paperware and form supply, and communication services



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