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Transit Services

Transit agency service outsourcing, including: customer service, processes and procedures, document custody and management, marketing strategies, RUNT (Unique National Transit Registry) management, collection, database management, and information systems that are specific to the sector.



Public Transportation Registry

Registration, control and approval of procedures related to vehicles that belong to local massive transportation companies.


Vehicle Registry

Registration and control of property and operation procedures of vehicles that are registered before the Unique National Registry, physical custody of the archive and commercialization of the service.


Tow trucks and impoundment lots

Registration, control and storage of towed vehicles


Registration of Offenders

Registration, control and administration of information related to transit infractions.


Driver Registration.

Procedures related to the preparation and delivery of driving licenses.


  • Construction and provision of service points.

  • Equipment provision for transit agents.

  • Greater customer service network

  • Reduction in attention times

  • Document digitalization

  • Location renewal

  • Operational software.

  • Staff training.

  • Logistic organization

  • Process optimization

  • Database creation and archive organization

  • Collection management

  • Contact center

  • Document management



Success Story

SIM - Servicios Integrales para la Movilidad


This is the concession that was awarded by the district secretary of mobility of Bogota, through the contract of 071 of 2007, in order to provide the administrative services of automotive district records, drivers and operating cards.


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