Management Tools

Visualization tool for key management indicators that provide timely and effective information supporting the decision-making process.

What’s KPI?

We develop for you 3 measurement tools called: KPI, making available to senior officials of departments, municipalities, transit operators, transport ministry, superintendencies and other government agencies, a tool for visualizing key management indicators that provide information Timely and effective supporting the decision-making process.

This tool will allow you to have your organization under control.

KPI Vehicular Tax

KPI Vehicular Tax

Presents the result of the management to the liquidation of taxes that must be paid by the owners or holders of the vehicles registered in the department.

General Dashboard
Have a general view of the collection, taxpayers, vehicles and validity.

Analyze the collection channels and their performance by municipalities.

Load and update collection data in real time.

Income by Municipalities
Customize variables as collection according to the municipalities.

KPI Road Safety

KPI Road Safety

It consolidates the behavior of the accident, the traffic infractions and its collection in its Municipality.

Have on hand the total amount of traffic infractions imposed

You will know the amount and number of resolutions that are held by type.

Key Metrics
Analyze the metrics that you consider most relevant.

You will be able to verify the total amount of traffic infractions paid.

It takes control of the accident by type, period and location of the accident.

Accident map
Know the areas of highest accident through a heat map

KPI Transit

KPI Transit

Presenta el resultado de la gestión sobre el recaudo para trámites de tránsito que deben pagar los propietarios de vehículos matriculados.

General Dashboard
Have a general view of the collection and amount of procedures by municipality.

Obtain metrics with a friendly visualization on the collection by dependence, by period, procedure, type of vehicle and forms of payment.

Manage the users who will have access to the information

Load history
Keep a record of the state of loading of the files.


The KPI’s main characteristics are:


Benefits for the user:

  • Support the decision making process

  • Allow Analyze Information

  • Visualize the information where, when and how it is required

  • Centralize and debug information

  • Learning from past mistakes

  • Improve competitiveness

Safety is first

KPIs systems have levels of security through roles and permits with which the information is displayed.

  • It has security levels for permissions on the system

  • The profiles are assigned according to the activity (s) performed by each user in the system.

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