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Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS

We generate ITS solutions that favor safety, reduce congestion, increase mobility, minimize environmental impact, save energy and promote the economic productivity of transport systems.



Electronic Audit

  • The detection of infractions through technological means, where videos, photographs and data are collected that allow to determine the commission of an infraction to the traffic rules, without counting on the presence of the agents in the public way.

  • On-line counting and classification of vehicles are useful applications for traffic light programming and traffic planning.

  • Through the electronic vehicle gauging, the inspection systems allow to establish the origin and destination of the vehicles, facilitating the planning of transport and transit services.

  • The inspection systems allow the authorities to control and identify vehicles with legal novelties (stolen / seized / with limitations).

  • Transit planning and transportation of cities can generate policies, plans and strategies through the analysis of historical information that is captured by the systems of technological intelligence (ITS)


Photodetection Management

Backoffice and processing of infractions detected on the way through the photodetection system. Where it is included:

  • Receiving images

  • Data association

  • Signature and notification

  • Shipments

  • Collection and collection management


Traffic Management Services

The traffic management centers have positioned themselves as the brains of mobility in cities, through which greater and more efficient attention to incidents that occur on the roads is achieved, generating greater safety and quality of life to the citizens.

The following components are included in our SITT management centers:

  • Accident assistance

  • Situation room.

  • Monitoring photo detection systems.

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Control of patrols

  • Integration with police, fire and ambulance.

  • Variable message panels

  • Traffic light

  • Traffic statistics


Float Control

Technology applied in public transport to improve control, make use of official stops, reduce accidents and traffic infractions.

With the fleet control you can detect:

  • Unauthorized stops

  • Speeding

  • Change of route

  • Excess of passengers

  • Open doors



  • Building

  • Configuration

  • Start up

  • Operation




Success Story

Intelligent Transport Systems - Mobility Secretary


Through the ITS Consortium we are part of the first intelligent integrated mobility system in the country SIMM (Intelligent Mobility System of Medellín) that has saved lives through the photodetection system, improving efficiency in attention of the authority on the way, learning and culture of respect for citizenship transit rules and having information integrated and online for timely decision making.

Includes contact center, business intelligence tools, control center, image processing center, infrastructure adjustments, media plan, fleet control, notifications and shipments, municipal registers, variable message panels, CCTV and electronic surveillance cameras, analysis room among others.



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